Day 85 KL to Singapore by bus

I said goodbye to all my fellow travellers at breakfast, as they prepared to board a bus to get out of KL, and start riding about 55km down the road. 

I am leaving early because my return flight was not going to allow me to visit Singapore, and I was going to fly through Tokyo without visiting the city.  So, rather than spend another few days riding in Malaysia, I made plans to have a couple days in each of Singapore and Tokyo to see the sights.

On their way to the bus, the gang had to step around street hawkers who had spread tarps on the sidewalk and were selling everything from watches to kitchen wares on the street until 9 am.

I had made arrangements for an “express” bus to Singapore with the hotel tourist bureau.  Or so I thought.  My “express” ride was not as fast or easy as I had hoped.  If I were back in KL, I would complain to the hotel tours desk man.  The express bus left 40 minutes late; I had carried my luggage (which includes all my gear plus my bike in a box) into the bus station to the appointed gate, but then we were told to walk back out to the plaza in front of the station to get on the bus.  It then stopped at another bus station on the edge of town, blowing another 30 minutes.  Then, in Johore, it went to the local bus station, where we were told to get out and transfer to another bus, lugging the baggage into the bus, and finding standing room only.  That dropped us at the Malaysian border.  Escalator not working, long walk plus stairs.  No instructions as to where to meet the bus, so wandering around looking for the right place.  Finally get on a city bus to get across the causeway.  Another long walk at the Singapore customs, and no indication where to catch the bus.  Helpful man points me to the right line, but have to wait 30 minutes for next bus to come.  That bus dropped me pretty close to my hotel after a full day of travel.

I had a lovely shower, cleaned up and headed out to take advantage of what little daylight was left.  When it began to rain, I went inside, where I once again found lots of shops and lots of shoppers!
I found a local food court with lots of selection, where I enjoyed some ginger beef and a beer, plus some banana fritters for desert. Those cooks work at a frenetic pace to serve their customers as quickly as possible!