Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

Day 24 Macau to Kaiping

We took a bus to the border to be there at 9 am, when it opened.  On the other side of the border, we met our Chinese buses and our bikes.  It was 10 by the time we got rolling, so we did not beat the heat. 

We rode back into pretty typical industrial surroundings, with construction going on all around us, and, of course, vege growing on any available space.  I felt quite at home getting back to familiar Chinese scenes and traffic.

We were in the Pearl River delta, going over some big expanses of water on long bridges.  A few fisherment working in the rivers, and lots of barges coming & going.


Lots of fih farm operatons too.


I was intrigued by some of the houses built on stilts, and by several towns we passed which were built around canals.

Part of the ride was on smaller rural roads, where we travelled among local cyclists and motorcyclists.  One was notable for his effort to deal with both sun protection and helmet protection:

While another demonstrated how to cary an infant son on the motorbike: